“Great Upheaval Day” – SweatSox vs Cubs III Recap

Welcome to Day 1 of the SweatSox 14 Days of SweatMas SweatSite Extravaganza.  Over the next 14 days, we’re going to attempt the impossible by trying to catch up on everything in SweatLand since our last update in late July.  FYI- These posts will absolutely, 100%, and without question, not live up to the level of excellence you’ve come to expect from a midseason Shaun Keay update, but it turns out we’ve got a contractual obligation to our many sponsors for a full slate of blog posts, so here we are. Better late than never?

Here we go…

On Tuesday, July 26th, the SweatSox faced the Capital City Cubs for the third and final time this year.  We lost 11-0, but we did avoid back-to-back no-hitters with a Marc Lett single late in the game.

That’s update #1; these won’t get much better; whatever; you’ll still come back; Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

Final SweatSox vs Capital City Cubs III Notes/Thoughts:

  • There are several PokeStops around Heritage.
  • Armando Navarro forgot to bring the beer; thankfully Ms. Hyjinx Two Thousand Fifteen Doreen Navarro stepped up and bailed him out.
  • Bobby Brooks was nowhere to be found between 11:30pm and midnight.  This apparently isn’t the first time he’s disappeared in that time slot.
  • The Tier 3 Acadiens were expelled from the league a few days early.