“The Decision: 2017” – Where Will We Play Next Year?

Welcome to Day 6 of the SweatSox 14 Days of SweatMas SweatSite Extravaganza.  If this is your 6th straight day visiting this site, don’t you have anything better to do?  These are terrible!!

Ever since we clinched the worst record in Tier 1 way back in May, the NCBL has been buzzing about which Tier we’d be committing our errors in next season.  While the decision was hardly unanimous, the spineless small-balled vocal minority came away with the win in this team vote.

We’re going back to Tier 2.

Final Decision: 2017 Notes/Thoughts:

  • This decision is of course unofficial and subject to change until the 2017 NCBL Spring Meeting.
  • The biggest factor in this decision was the possibility of losing Kent Johnston to a lower tier; not for the hole he’d leave in our middle outfield, but because he transports the gear to all our games.
  • Craig Cornell could still make a pitch to the league this offseason, to go to directly to Tier 3.
  • Since we only play in the Brewer Tournament when we’re not in Tier 1, look for us at #BrewTourn17 this summer.
  • Jason Klein will have to wait at least another season for his first trip to Winchester (since they’re going to Tier 1), where he fully believes he’d be playing on the field below.  It’s basically the same, except the outfield fence in RF is a bit taller:


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