“The Feminist” – Petawawa Tournament Recap

Welcome to Day 7 of the SweatSox 14 Days of SweatMas SweatSite Extravaganza.  FYI– I, Shaun Keay, was not present for the events below, but I had several reliable sources that kept me posted throughout the tournament, so it really felt like I was there, not getting any sleep.

While most of the SweatSox had emptied their lockers following one of (but not) the worst seasons in SweatSox history, a couple Sox were packing their bags for the first of two après season tournaments.  Cory Bond and Chris Lidstone, who have a combined 4 Doug Dorion Memorial Trophies, 3 Mr. Hyjinx titles, 2 cell phones, and 1 happy relationship, represented the SweatSox at the inaugural Petawawa Fall Invitational; joining a Tier 3 All-Star team featuring several high profile Dukes, BlackSox, and Misfits.


The Black Sweaty Dukes of Misfits won their opening game 4-3 over the Petawawa Old Timers, and their second game 14-6 over the Renfrew Legends.  The third game was a semi-final matchup against the Ottawa Valley powerhouse Killaloe Cottage Raisers, a team who I guarantee would go undefeated in Tier 1 every year.  Needing a win in the “money-game”, the BSDoM gave our very own Cory Bond the ball to do what he does best, pitch for anyone not named the SweatSox.  5 innings and 10 strikeouts in a time shortened game later, the Dukes were headed to the finals.

The host Petawawa Indians defeated the Black Sweaty Dukes of Misfits 4-1 in the finals the next afternoon; through no fault of your SweatSox.


Not surprisingly, the two SweatSox cleaned up at the black tie #PetaTourney16 Banquet, winning just about all the tournament awards:

Tournament Most Valuable Player: Cory Bond
Batter of the Tournament: Chris Lidstone
Pitcher of the Tournament: Cory Bond
Sportsman of the Tournament: Chris Lidstone
Defensive Player of the Tournament: Cory Bond
Rookie of the Tournament: Chris Lidstone
Manager of the Tournament: Cory Bond (who wasn’t even the manager)

One award the SweatSox surprisingly didn’t win was the tournament’s Mr. Hyjinx Trophy. That went to the Dukes’ Larry Pawelek, who clinched it after his banana-hammock karaoke rendition of “It’s Raining Men”.

Final Petawawa Tournament Notes/Thoughts:

  • Cory Bond did not get a lot of sleep.
  • The Feminist learned the hard way you don’t pull the covers off Larry when he’s in bed.
  • Chris Lidstone did not commit an error in LF during the Championship Game.
  • There ain’t no party like a Dukes team party, unless an escort is found dead the next morning.


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