Day 12: “FORE-teen” – SweatSox Golf Recap

Welcome to Day 12 of the SweatSox 14 Days of SweatMas SweatSite Extravaganza.  Why did I decide to do 2 extra days of this crap? I could’ve been done today!

On Sunday, October 23rd, the SweatSox visited Irish Hills for the 11th annual SweatSox Open.  The 4-man scramble pitted the two most prominent teams in SweatGolf history against one another: Team Green vs Team MVP.  Josh Ramage bailed on yet another team event, so we couldn’t get a true Team Scissors up & running.

The SweatSox were in for a big shock upon arrival, when a big sign told us we couldn’t bring our own personal beer onto the course, otherwise it would be “seized”.  Who does Irish Hills think they are, the Hellenic Meeting & Reception Centre?

Both teams battled it out over the course of a chilly, windy afternoon, but it was Team MVP (+11) who took home the championship after Team Green was disqualified for multiple time violations; including but not limited to Mark Bond’s Nomar Garciaparra-like pre-shot routine, and multiple trips into the woods to check out the greenery.

Finally, using a fancy new golf scorekeeping app, we were able to log every shot used by Team MVP to determine who the MVP of Team MVP was.  The future is here!!!

Final SweatSox Golf Notes/Thoughts:

  • Kent Johnston hosted SweatSox Poker on SweatGolf eve.  Mindy helped clean up.
  • Craig Cornell’s poker game is about as hot as his hair game.
  • 3rd place coasters were the real poker prizes.
  • I, Shaun Keay, still owe Irish Hills a canned good.
  • “I said I golf a lot, not that I’m good at golf.”
  • Jason Klein is more accurate throwing darts than he is throwing baseballs.
  • Ross Hughes’ dad, Mr. Ross, made consecutive Hyjinx appearances during SweatSox Weekend.
  • Chris Lidstone and Ross Hughes had an après-golf, après-steak-dinner, après-darts, pool date!

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