“The Salad Bowl” – 2016 NCBL Banquet Recap

This is it!!  Welcome to Day 14 of the SweatSox 14 Days of SweatMas SweatSite Extravaganza.  What better way to close out SweatMas then by recapping the 2016 NCBL Awards Banquet, hosted for the very first time by Pineview Golf Course.

It was a record low year for SweatSox attending the banquet, with just 9 showing up to try and win the only thing we had a shot at: a door prize.  Sadly, we did not.

The majority of the evening was spent walking to and from the bar, walking to and from the hidden food room, walking to and from Ross Hughes’ car, and sitting while watching everyone else walk to and from the podium to collect their hardware, prizes, and/or wood.

The highlights of the night were the two touching tributes in honour of Casey Wood and Peter “PapaJo” Johns, two former NCBL players taken well before their time.  #RIP

Final 2016 NCBL Banquet Notes/Thoughts:

  • Pineview Golf Course became the 4th banquet venue in modern NCBL history, joining The Prescott, Southway Inn, and the Hellenic Centre.
  • It was a poor OM showing for the SweatSox, with only Craig Cornell representing the 40+’s.
  • The Kingston Ponies bailed on the banquet; turns out the one guy who can drive the team bus came down with a case of uromysitisis poisoning.
  • Ross Hughes continued his push for offseason MVP by supplying the prejinx beers.
  • Jay Flannigan (Cornwall) looks a bit different than the last time we saw him.
  • Stef Leclair (Dukes) won what appeared to be some kind of vibrator as a door prize.
  • Ryan Dillon (Battalion) isn’t walking through a crowd for a salad bowl.
  • Kent Johnston calculated the SweatSox odds of winning the 50:50 at 14%.  We did not win.
  • 50:50 winner Chris Armstrong (Cubs) won his SweatSox league fees for next season.
  • Adam Lowry (Bandits) snuck into the Tier 4 All-Stars photo, while Pat Lyons (Cardinals) was kicked out of the Tier 2 All-Stars photo.
  • Now that there’s a Volunteer of the Year Award, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a Social Media Award, which I, Shaun Keay, will win.
  • The Metcalfe Mudd announced they’d be joining the Winchester Sox in Tier 1 next year.
  • Craig Cornell doesn’t keep an accurate inventory of his pockets’ contents.
  • Jason Klein parked in Après Banquet pee-pee.
  • When does a salad bowl become a bowl?
  • I get out of so many traffic tickets, maybe I work in law enforcement?
  • My banquet slideshow (converted to .pdf) can be viewed/downloaded by clicking the link below:

2016 Banquet Slideshow (30MB)

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