“#SweatWedding2016” – A Bus Cop Wedding Recap

Welcome to Day 11 of the SweatSox 14 Days of SweatMas SweatSite Extravaganza. If you thought talking about my last name was a mail-in, wait until I paste a bunch of pictures and call that a post!!!

The SweatSox always have high hopes for offseason group activities. We constantly talk about SweatSox Go Karting, SweatSox Curling, SweatSox ODR, SweatSox Bowling, SweatSox Golf, SweatSox Orgy, SweatSox Casino Night, and of course SweatSox Poker.

Since the foundation of the SweatSox, there’s been a bylaw that no SweatSox shall be invited to the wedding of other SweatSox. Most SweatSox have ignored this rule in the past, inviting just their favourite teammate and cutting all others from the guest list. Mark Bond took it to a whole new level, inviting the entire team to what could at best only be the second greatest day of his life, the first of course being the grand slam game. On Saturday, October 15th, 2016, #SweatWedding2016 happened, and the cameras were there:

Final #SweatWedding2016 Notes/Thoughts:

  • Who schedules a wedding during a Jays playoff game?
  • Nobody was more excited for worlds colliding than Cory Bond.
  • Per SweatSox Law, as a result of saying “I Do”, Mrs. Mark is hereby banned from attending all future SweatSox games and Hyjinx.
  • The SweatSox chose to steal coasters rather than the wedding rings, which we were actually in possession of during the wedding ceremony.
  • The SweatSox and Chris Armstrong have come to terms on a 2018 part-time contract.
  • Wedding venue insiders tell us that the SweatSox drank $6,900 worth of alcohol and $1,400 on soft drinks at the open bar.
  • The “You May Now Kiss the Bride” kiss was Mark Bond’s first kiss in front of the SweatSox since this:

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