“The Banana” – The SweatTrip2016 Recap

Welcome to Day 13 of the SweatSox 14 Days of SweatMas SweatSite Extravaganza.  Just like the new Star Wars movie, this post was written out of sequence; it actually takes place a long time ago in several cities far far away.

On April 6th of 2016, the SweatSox embarked on the first of a series of yearly trips that will keep happening until we eventually visit all the MLB stadiums.  The “SweatTrip” idea was the brainchild of Craig Cornell, who had been mentally planning it for years but didn’t have the right personnel to make it happen, until now.

The 5-day, 4-night trip would start off in Pittsburgh and finish in Toronto, with stops in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Detroit in between.  You know what this means, PICTURE TIME:

Needless to say many beers were had, numerous laughs were shared, and when you spend that much time together, it’s natural that several spats would develop.  We counted 9 feuds coming out of SweatTrip2016, some of which are still unsettled:

Final SweatTrip2016 Notes/Thoughts:

  • Armando Navarro and Chris Lidstone had a pre-SweatTrip sleepover.
  • Chris Lidstone can drink 8 beers in 8 hours and not blow over, according to the DUI course he took.
  • “The only losers in a shotgun challenge are the ones that don’t do it.”
  • “You guys r missing an absolute gem of a political debate between drunk Chris and drunk Chris. Wait… More of a rant now…”
  • “Robots will take all our jobs within 10 years.”
  • Buffalo is wine country?
  • “Jerome Bettis has two way bathroom mirrors!”
  • We had one secret snorer, and multiple secret farters the first night in Pittsburgh.
  • “John, you’re like my wife. Great in bed.”
  • Upon arriving in Cleveland, the first Steamer joke was made by Mark Stinson, who wasn’t even on the trip.
  • “Field is beautiful. Panthers would say conspiracy.”
  • We may not have watched any baseball in Cleveland, but we did figure out a breakfast coupon loophole.
  • How many SweatSox does it take to buy Stinson some cleats? More than 9 apparently.
  • “Don’t acknowledge the usher. Walk by like you own this field.”
  • “Should we eat at The Keg or Hooters, why not both?”
  • Navigating Toronto traffic is all about the “double chince”
  • “We are locked in a deadly head to head battle with a raccoon.”
  • You won’t believe what Josh Ramage did last night!?!

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